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Last week the FBI confirmed that the murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell was connected to the anonymous messaging app Kik.The young victim used the platform to message her alleged killer, David Eisenhauer, an 18-year-old Virginia Tech freshman who has since been arrested and charged with her abduction and death. It’s created a community of over 200 million users, but not everyone is just chatting with people they know personally.The development team has done a incredible work in making Jabber even more sexy than before.You will find this new design in every 10.5 Jabber clients coming in the next few days/weeks.

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You can now view real-time statistics when on a call. You can view audio, video, and screen share statistics, and copy the statistics into the clipboard to send to others.Kik is currently cooperating with the FBI investigation into Nicole’s death and simultaneously working to [educate] ( people about how to stay safe on the app.The importance of keeping yourself secure in these social media environments is more important than ever.SAML SSO feature has been tested with the following Id Ps: ADFS 2.0, Open AM 9.5 and 10.0, and Ping Federate Groups enable incoming calls to be directed to a group of users.

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