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In the west the Grand-Popo Lagoon extends into neighbouring Togo, while in the east the Porto-Novo Lagoon provides a natural waterway to the port of The Benin plateaus, four in number, are to be found in the environs of Abomey, Kétou, Aplahoué (or Parahoué), and Zagnanado.The plateaus consist of clays on a crystalline base.

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The , in the northwest of the country, form a continuation of the Togo Mountains to the south.Prior to colonial rule, part of the territory that is now Benin consisted of powerful, independent kingdoms, including various Bariba kingdoms in the north and in the south the kingdoms of Porto-Novo and (Dan-ho-me, “on the belly of Dan;” Dan was a rival king on whose grave Dahomey’s royal compound was built).In the late 19th century French colonizers making inroads from the coastal region into the interior borrowed the name of the defeated Dahomey kingdom for the entire territory that is now Benin; the current name derives from the Benin consists of five natural regions.i am cool, young, smart, intelligent, down to earth and fun to hang out with, been through a little rough path emotionally and i am presently looking for someone to make my whole life worth living aga… I am a man of easy going and focused but people aroud me do say that i am funny and because the nature of my job.

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