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The ideal place to observe these changes is on a beach when a man and a woman approach each other from a distance.

The changes take place when they are close enough to meet each other's gaze and will continue until after they have passed each other, at which time their original posture returns.

So, before you overanalyze the words coming out of your interest’s mouth, read through these basics on how to read body language.

“When we touch someone, it releases the chemical oxytocin, a bonding chemical,” says Navarro.It is still unclear how we learn these signals but research now shows that many may be inborn.In the majority of mammals, it's the male that 'dresses up' to impress the less than colorful females. For centuries, women have done most of the sexual advertising by decorating themselves in colorful clothing and jewelry and painting their faces.If their feet are pointed in the direction of the nearest exit, you may need to take your flirt elsewhere.“The feet are the most actual part of the body,” says Navarro. When we like someone, we orient our feet closer and toward them or, if not, we will literally turn our feet toward an exit—trying to get away.” A few other indicators that your interest is contemplating a clean getaway are denying a view of the front of the body, lack of eye contact, and less animated movements when speaking.

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