Dating and marriage in south korea

This is due to the unfavorable demographic situation.

Most young women are leaving their native villages after finishing school, while the men remain on ancestral land and do the farming.

The peak was in 2005, when the proportion of marriages with foreign citizens reached 13.5 percent. However, it is more correct to speak not about the marriages, but the marriages with foreign women.

About two-thirds of such unions (to be precise, 70.7 percent in 2013) are between Korean men and foreign women.

South Korea has changed its attitude in regard to marriages with foreigners.

A couple of decades ago it was considered to be something reprehensible, and is now there is no condemnation.

Immigrants from China are now dominating among the guest workers; Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Uzbekistan are the major providers of foreign workers.

So, these days Vietnam is the most popular as a supplier of brides, especially its southern areas, where 78% of visitors to Korea are the Vietnamese brides.

In those days the vast majority of mixed marriages were represented by the unions of the American soldiers stationed in Korean regiments and the girls from different kinds of questionable establishments.

It was clear that those around regarded such marriages with great suspicion.

Guest workers are mostly temporary ones, though some of them can stay in Korea forever.

This is not the case with the other category of immigrants — the foreign wives of the Korean citizens.

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