Dating divorced women egypt

The Coptic Orthodox Church, on the other hand, grants a divorce on only two grounds: adultery or religious conversion. Men and women who commit adultery can never remarry in the church.

Those who convert forsake their faith and community forever, as they cannot reenter the Christian faith culturally or legally.

Unlike incidents involving young, single women, cases involving married women often bring to light the taboo topics of Egypt’s discriminatory laws on religious conversion, spousal abuse and divorce.

Divorce, in particular, pushes hot buttons in Egypt, as the Coptic Orthodox Church’s stance on it differs considerably from the Muslim majority.

If a young Christian woman does happen to fall in love with a Muslim, most families do everything in their power to dissuade her from pursuing the relationship further.

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Similar scenarios involving married Christian women scandalize both religious communities, as the case of Camellia demonstrates.Though the two religious communities have coexisted for centuries, in recent years tensions have flared.In the past year alone, several deadly attacks on churches and numerous violent street clashes have shocked the nation.Families have even killed their If the woman runs off with a Muslim man, Christian families have been known to accuse the man and his family of abducting her and forcing her to convert to Islam.Though on occasion such kidnappings and forced conversions do occur, more often the woman has chosen to build a life with the man.

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