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Anyone using the name "Bear" with any other agency is not the owner of A.

AApris, Best Memphis Escorts or Best Entertainment Agency.

They will NEVER Negotiate, Demand or Accept money for sexual favors.This famous grease , strained daily, has continued to produce our juicy Dyer's Burgers for almost a century now. Kahn Aaron bought the establishment in 1935 and continued the Dyer's name and tradition of famous burgers. Over the years, this famous cooking grease has been transported to our various Memphis locations under the watchful protection of armed police escorts, finally settling here on Historic Beale Street, Home of the Blues and World Famous Dyer's!Playboy Online's A-List: America's 10 Best Burgers #3 Dyer's Burgers 60 Things Worth Shortening Your Life For #48 The deep-fried hamburger at Dyer's Burgers in Memphis.Why risk your safety and health with anyone on the net who can change cities and locations and her name in a moment's notice.The Women of Best Entertainment Agency are all contracted and interviewed at length.

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