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I enjoy working with guys because, when they’re motivated, they’re hardworking and highly coachable.

The question isn’t whether this information can make a difference.And dating coaching isn’t telling you where the “quality” women hang out. And the not-so-subtle reason I shared this story with you is to ask you to reflect on whether you have anything in common with James. Are you frustrated that men don’t take the time to get to know you?After 12 weeks of coaching with me, you know who’s going to be the same? As such, the ONLY thing we can do is change how YOU’RE approaching dating. ” James paused for a second, gritted his teeth, and said, “I don’t want to change very much. Do you get bent out of shape when men IGNORE you online, DON’T FOLLOW UP after dates, and generally seem to want the PERFECT woman?Instead, she decides to go on some lovely dates with Jay. He doesn’t mind that people keep interrupting them to talk to Liza about . And he is taking care of his mother while she recovers from surgery! and with him comes Empirical’s new executive editor, Zane Anders. This book is giving her everything she ever wanted — she’s even back in Charles’s guest room — and it is all Liza’s doing. Pauline and Charles head home together and Liza walks off in the opposite direction, overcome with emotion. His face is like, “Yeah, that dude is top-notch.” Liza can’t help but confirm his theory.(Which is very nice, but also the reason why Jay and Liza haven’t taken their relationship to the next level.) Liza may want to speed things up with Jay, though: Over at House Handsome, Charles is finishing up Pauline’s novel (which, in his head, is in Liza’s voice — swoon), and opening up his doors to his estranged wife. With all this drama in the air, you just know something will go down at the Pubbies. Zane takes a seat next to Kelsey, who might barf or might slap him. Regardless, the fiery sexual tension over at Empirical Press just got kicked up a notch. Outside, Liza and Jay run into Charles and Pauline on their way out. Jay stops her to see what’s wrong, but immediately he gets it. Against her better judgement, she is so, so in love with Charles. • Diana Trout is winning an award in “It’s Love, Actually,” but Miriam Shor should also win one for her stellar performance in this episode. • After a little chat with Richard’s wife, Diana learns that Richard lied about why Ethan was staying with them, that Richard has a pattern of manipulating women, and that he’ll never force Ethan to move out. In an achingly sad but ultimately triumphant speech, Diana tells Richard that their relationship has helped her understand that she deserves better. • Was anyone else concerned that Diana completely lost her mind when she wore her gala gown with a bare neck?

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