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Others have describe me as odd, geeky, eccentric, quirky and smarter than I look. Buddhist So here we go on the journey of internet dating. The excitement express is waiting for you in the station tooting it’s eager horn and steaming furiously at the thought of a fun adventure.The only thing missing is a lady driver with a firm hand and fearless heart to guide the express ...One particular potential date seemed to get frustrated that I wasn’t ready to have a phone conversation with him yet (after only a couple days of communicating back and forth in emails and texts).While I realize this may be odd to some, I am not a “phone person” and I wasn’t ready to jump to casual phone conversations.

Good people give you happiness, bad people give you experience.

It was easy to talk about what I did for a living and what I wanted to do in the future. This kind of communication, however, sometimes breeds a false sense of connection with a person we’ve never met.

It’s a defense mechanism I am sure, and the response to my wariness was very telling in each person’s personality.

He then started telling me about all of the money he made and all of the places he could take me. To say that I was nervous is an enormous understatement.

I hadn’t been on a real date in quite some time, and this was a complete stranger. I dropped the “Oh, by the way, I am vegan” bomb on him; it didn’t seem to phase him. After parking my car, I sat for a few minutes as the butterflies began to swarm in my belly. No odd things in my teeth, eyeliner on somewhat straight, hair—ugh, I flipped the visor back up.

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