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I also had aunt, uncle and cousins living at 79 Pilton Place.

I don't know exactly when the houses were built, but these are the years that the streets were named.

I'm not sure if that was run by Gumley or Mactaggart & Mickel ."I began to write down a few of my own to send in but never quite got enough courage to do so!

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I'm Looking for any little bit of information to help add detail to our family homes.we had a short hose which got lifted up by rope and passed through the bathroom or landing window and onto the bath tap.It didnt reach much of the garden but made filling the watering cans much easier!I'd dearly love a copy of one showing my house, since my memory of layouts and places is fading fast, I'm afraid."I was brought up in 16 Crewe Crescent from 1952 until 1977 so the information on the area is fascinating to read.Does anyone had any more information on the Mactaggart & Mickel houses or knew of any online information sources?

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