Great dating places singapore

Take a moonlit stroll along this bridge of striking wave-like architecture that connects Mount Faber and the Telok Blangah Parks.

You can even enjoy a spot of nature before coming to this perfect spot for a lover’s tryst.

If you have questions about relationships, you can apparently seek an answer from one of the oldest temples in Singapore.

Built back in the 1820s by mainly sailors and traders from China, The Love Temple could be an interestingly romantic escapade.

The interesting architecture of the double helix bridge will make for pretty pictures and a great after dinner stroll.

Affectionately known as ‘Xiao Guilin’ among the local residents, Little Guilin is popular with courting couples and wedding photographers.

If what you desire is for a relaxing and enjoyable experience, this is the place. Morton’s of Chicago This fine-dining American steakhouse serves one of the finest steaks in the world. However, not many know that Morton’s also serves mouth-watering delectable desserts such as their air-flown New York Cheesecake and Godiva Chocolate cake. At this time, the restaurant is mostly empty and quiet for a great ambience.

And if its your birthday, the crew of servers will even throw in a birthday song and a souvenir to remember your day. The Singapore Flyer For Singaporeans, this place is only worth one visit and that is the day when it falls on either one of your partners’ birthday.

If Venice is too far for a ride on a gondola don’t fret. Feel the sparks being ignited with an exciting and invigorating ride as you see Singapore's heritage by the historic river.If not, there are a number of F&B outlets that offers a good ambience in any time of the day.What I enjoy are the day or night outdoor performances that are offered almost every other week.Birthday promotion entitles the birthday guy/lady 50% off for his/her ticket. The 30-min ride in the capsule does make a nice and romantic experience for a date.But provided you take it in the evening when the city lights come on.

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