Izmir couple web cam

After our full morning of travel leaving the train station is like stepping into another world.Only a stone’s throw from the platform remnants of a once mighty Roman aqueduct now provide storks ample space to build their huge nests which at this time of year are full of hungry fast growing chicks.As I crush the packs into a lucky space in the luggage rack by the door Pam and I become separated by the flow of more people entering the train and we end up standing at each end of the aisle as the train slowly pulls out of the station.

The whole airport complex is incredibly busy with long queues for food and drinks so despite not having had breakfast we simply await our flight time which is not that far away. Of course we have forgotten that we are travelling on a Saturday and when the train finally arrives every carriage is so full that we have to squeeze our way on with full back backs.Within seconds of sitting at a restaurant where we are greeted very friendlily in quite reasonable English and soon after we are munching on hot flat bread which is provided gratis.Moments later we are sipping our customary Efes and wine and trying to orient ourselves on Google maps to find the Paris Hotel where we have pre-booked and paid for three nights.The only issue is that we will not be able to get a bus back on the same day and will have to spend a night in Pamukkale.Accommodation is relatively inexpensive in these smaller Turkish towns, we are only paying about Australian per night, so we decide we will leave our big packs in the hotel room in Selcuk and just pack a few clothes into my day pack for Pamukkale.

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