Nellie and michael dating

While difficult to get used to, Nellie is eventually shown to be very friendly towards her co-workers, and generally on good terms with most of them, with the noted exception of Andy Bernard, who held a bitter resentment towards her for stealing his job.Despite her outwardly tough appearance, Nellie appears to be quite vulnerable.In Turf War, Pam discovers many of Nellie's personal troubles and decides to be nicer to her, striking up a friendly conversation.Nellie reveals to the camera crew that she is deeply moved to have a real friend within the office.At a slackline contest, Andy embarrasses Nellie by shoving her off the line the moment she gets good balance.Andy later puts up recycling bins around Nellie's desk so that when people throw their trash away, they will be aiming at Nellie.Throughout the episode, Andy becomes so infuriated that he ultimately convinces the CEO to demote and then fire him, leaving Nellie as the official branch Manager.

In Angry Andy, when Andy finally returns from his successful quest to win Erin's heart, Nellie simply refuses to leave the office, and California refuses to make her leave.

In response, she tried (and ultimately failed) to adopt a child.

In the show's finale, however, she "adopts" the child Ryan abandoned for a new life with Kelly., interviewing for the Regional Manager position at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, but during the course of her interview, she proves herself to be woefully inept for the position.

Nellie begs him to show kindness, and Andy decides to hire her as a special projects manager.

Nellie has made a mixed impression on the Scranton branch staff, with some of them being won over by her ridiculous promise of unobtainable salary increases, and others, particularly Jim and Darryl, viewing her as unpleasant and unintelligent.

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