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I strongly disagree with people who claim that cybersex is "unhealthy" or "harmful".For married people, yes, of course it's a question of fidelity. If you meet the person face-to-face, the STD dangers rise - but that isn't cybersex anymore then, is it?Cybersex is pretty much the same thing as masturbation (which is normal, and healthy) except that it's slightly more fulfilling.It's just masturbation with fantasy enhancement from another person (and all men fantasize while they're masturbating anyway).It appears that men and women are using the Internet equally for "cybering".

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These individuals may be at greater risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

Like anything that enhances your mood cycbersex can become addictive.

That's where the problem really is, not in cybersex itself, but in the addictive process that sometimes occurs as a result.

In those cases, there is absolutely no danger of STDs.

I don't agree that cybersex leads to "depression" or "personal neglect" (you show no sources or evidence for this).

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