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Q: How many photos should I use in my online dating profile?A: Definitely at least 3-4 photos but no more than 6.Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Ok Cupid and one swiping app i.e. celebrity or travels (not your gym, car or bathroom), dark photos, extremely small photos, blurry photos, photos more than 2-3 years old, photos where you have changed your appearance (weight loss or gain, hair color or length, facial hair, tatoos etc.), photos with fish you caught, photos in front of your car, photos without you in them (i.e.sunset photo, street sign, meme etc.), Snapchat photos and photos of you from your neck down.Q: What words and phrases should never be used in online dating profiles?A: Drama-free, no drama, no players, or list of adjectives to describe yourself i.e. Instead of listing deal-breakers, focus on things that you are attracted to, inspire you, make you curious, make you hungry etc. Most of those statistics reference Tinder data which is primarily a younger, more immature profile of users. First off, it is bad etiquette to swipe right on someone you are not interested in, secondly if you do it too often the dating apps could ding you which could affect your matches.

My goal is to help improve the societal dating pool one person at a time. Typically headshots are overly photoshopped, are stiff and do not offer any insight into who you are or what you are about.Guilty pleasures, random quirks and self-deprecating humor works well. While those photos might solicit more likes, matches and messages, they don't necessarily result in quality dates. Smile naturally and don't force it - you are not trying to convince people on Instagram that you are a warm person who is having fun. Looking away in your photos will give off the impression you are self-absorbed, are trying to hide some facial feature or are unable to concentrate and look at a camera. You should express excitement and enthusiasm but you should also avoid appearing overly eager slash stalker-ish or controlling. Do not reply to the first message in a string immediately ever time the other person initiates contact but also do not purposely make the person wait. If you are on the fence, that is fine but if you are swiping right on everyone with a pulse, re-think your strategy.A: You should wear outfits that you are confident it, would wear normally either everyday or for a special occasion.I know where to go, when to shoot and what will inspire people to check out your profile and spark up conversation starters.Unlike other photographers I do not charge extra for outfit changes or number of locations.

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    Number of active users per month: 555 million approximately Instagram was launched as a unique social networking platform that was completely based on sharing photos and videos.

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