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Still, there are several ways to minimize stability issues. This can be achieved in two ways: freeing up existing system resources and/or upgrading your computer hardware.Freeing up existing resources is mainly a matter of closing out of programs such as Anti-Virus scanners, Instant Messengers, Internet Browsers, and Peer-to-Peer software before running the game.There are two different solutions, the cheapest of the two is to download Oldblivion, which will allow you to play on some Pixel shader 1.x cards. To complete this, you need to identify what type(s) of expansion slots are available in your PC, and then buy a graphics card to fit in the slot.If you are positive that your video card does support pixel shaders 2.0, then make sure that you have up to date drivers.Text in books is displayed correctly for a fraction of a second and then corrupts before you can read it(!) Also many surfaces have holes and other rendering faults occur inside the Imperial City but not generally elsewhere.

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There are also various software issues that can cause this problem, such as outdated or buggy drivers.After the byte has been reset (from 49 to 40) you should not see the bug for several hundred further hours of play.If it strikes again, just reset the byte in the save game file with one of the above tools.If crashing or similar issues occur in other demanding games, make sure that the computer experiencing the issue has a power supply capable of providing at least 25W more power than the total power requirement of the system.Also assure that there is enough amperage on the 12 Volt-Rail in the power supply, even if the power supply is rated to provide enough electricity to the computer, if the rail providing power to the video card and CPU is incapable of providing the required amount of power at once (low amperage reduces the amount of electricity that can flow through a circuit at once).

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