Updating reports dictionaries for continuous operations

If an environment-specific value changes, you can even trigger an update of the application after updating the appropriate dictionary, to propagate the changes to the running system.XL Deploy will determine which deployed components are impacted by the changes and will generate an update plan that takes care of the required actions such as updating a datasource or your configuration files, restarting an Apache or JBoss server etc.Used with password properties, these values will be represented as “*” in step previews or in inspection screens during deployment.When an application package is built and imported into XL Deploy, placeholder-aware types can display the detected placeholders.To eliminate environment-specific builds, XL Deploy allows you to use placeholders anywhere in your packages where you need environment-specific values.XL Deploy stores the values for these placeholders for each environment in its repository, and will take care of replacing the placeholders automatically at deployment time.Concepts of GPS; GPS receivers; GPS positioning mode- point positioning & relative positioning (DGPS & RTK GPS); GPS accuracy and error sources, Applications of GPS.GIS: Introduction, Coordinate systems and datum Projection systems; Spatial data models and data structures; Attribute data input and management; Data editing, exploration and analysis; Digital terrain analysis using DEM data, Path analysis, network applications and watershed analysis. Surveying using Total Station and data interpretation 2. Analyzing the effect of different projections on the map data Introduction: Properties of concrete and reinforcing steel, design philosophies, limit state, ultimate load method, working stress method; Loads and load combinations; Elements of Masonry design; Limit state method: Design of Beams: Singly reinforced, doubly reinforced, rectangular, T and L beams; Design of Slabs: One way, two way, waffle slabs; Design of Columns: Subjected to concentric and eccentric axial loading; Design of footings: Individual and combined footing; elements of foundation design; Standard and ductile detailing.

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Degrees of indeterminacy (flexibility & stiffness); Trusses (including types of trusses), beams and frames: determinate and indeterminate structures, cables and arches; moment area theorem; conjugate beam method; principle of virtual work; energy method; Castigliano’s theorems; unit-load and unit-displacement theorems; reciprocal theorems; Betti's and Maxwell's theorem; method of consistent deformations; slope-deflection method; displacement based methods; influence lines; Muller-Breslau's principle; moment distribution method; column analogy method; Introduction to matrix method.As an example, let’s look at a database instance being moved from one server to a different one.This type of move is typically an infrastructure or database team decision.Study of topographic sheet and analysis of hillslope and watershed features 3.Drawing profile sections and interpretation of geological maps of different complexities.

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