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"Females don't usually refuse males," Mather said.

However, that's not to say the clever cephalopods have no courtship rituals to entice potential mates.

The video is very explicit, so please note that it is NSFW.

Updated with the newest tracks, from the freshest to the biggest releases.

In some genera, particularly those in which males are far smaller than females, such as (blanket octopuses), males have a detachable hectocotylus, which they break off after inserting it into the female's mantle.

Females store their spermtophores until they're ready to lay their eggs.

A dangerous game Mating for males is a dangerous game due to the female's penchant for cannibalism.

"If he wants to contact me, he knows how to call me. The letter clearly places the blame on Fetty for the leaked video. That's my homie, but I did have a little crush on him while I was in my relationship." Then, at the mark, Skyy explains she has no interest in fixing her past relationship with Fetty. To think SOMEBODY would want to expose my personal life with the world is so disgusting but I have faith in Gods work & I know I’m covered!

In her view, the sex tape was "released by someone gaining access to the materials through him, with or without his knowledge." Additionally, at the mark of the clip, Skyy sets the record straight about the rumors floating around that she's now dating Offset. 🙏🏽 Sorry to my family & supporters for this.”A clip of Fetty Wap’s sex tape can be viewed here.

Alexis Skyy goes on The Breakfast Club and discusses her leaked sex tape with ex-boyfriend Fetty Wap.

During the interview, Skyy says she has a lawyer dealing with the situation."I have a lawyer handling everything, so I have no need to speak to him," Skyy says at the mark of the interview, which you can view above. "TMZ recently obtained a copy of the cease-and-desist letter Skyy's attorney sent to Fetty's camp. 10), Skyy went on Instagram and posted, “All of this is so crazy & embarrassing!!

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