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And after a decade of commercial success, seven studio albums and thousands of miles touring, they were the songs Matt found himself going back to over and over again Footloose, Mandolin Rain, Hold on to the Nights music that was flat-out fun to listen to.

Those hours of rediscovery inspired Matt Wertz to create his newest and most ambitious project to date, Heatwave.

The drum groove brings to mind the classic loop beats of that era and immediately establishes the albums fluid, dynamic tone.

With Whenever You Love Somebody, Wertz delivers the aching, honest lyrics his fans have come to expect, this time setting them against a backdrop of resonant beats and velvety guitars.

This week we let our engineer, Dave Salkeld, in the studio to reminisce with Martha and me about 200 episodes of audio musings.

I also connect with Tim Schellenberg, a new podcast uberfan (he listened to over 150 shows this summer! Music this week — Christmas music, that is — is provided by Matt Wertz.

He has released three studio albums, and one EP, which have all been produced by himself and Ed Cash with an exception on the EP where his best friend Dave Barnes helped produce the album.All these things really kicked into gear after the release of Twenty Three Places (2003), the first record I recorded with producer and friend, Ed Cash.The album featured some of the songs that set the tone for the rest of my career—“Everything’s Right,” “Marianne,” “Red Meets Blue,” and “Counting to 100”— songs that are still staples in my set today.It was 1987, and Matt Wertz was an eight-year-old kid in Liberty, Missouri.He went to Louis and Clark Elementary, he took piano once a week from his Nana, he rode shotgun in his moms Oldsmobile station wagon.

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